vrijdag 7 december 2012

Heart thoughts

Ik kocht dit boekje : 'Het sprekende hart' van Louise Hay

5 willekeurige gedachten uit dit boekje :

* liefde
* uitdrukken
* negatieve gedachten
* loslaten
* vertrouwen

Een paar weken terug gebeurde er iets
dat nare herinneringen uit het verleden terugbracht
... en negatieve gedachten,
het duurde een paar dagen voor ik kon loslaten ...

Bij Beyond Layers vroeg Kim of we al nagedacht hadden
over een woord voor 2013 ...
de laatste tijd blijft dit woord 'vertrouwen'
in mijn gedachten komen ... dus het wordt 'vertrouwen' ...
Ga jij ook een woord kiezen ?


I bought this book : 'Heart Thoughts' by Louise Hay

5 random thoughts from this book :

* love
* express
* negative thoughts
* let go
* trust

A few weeks ago something happened
that brought bad memories from the past
... and negative thoughts,
it took several days before I could let go ...

At Beyond Layers Kim asked if we would consider
the idea of one word for 2013 ...
lately this word 'trust' keeps coming up in my mind ...
so it will be 'trust' ...
Are you going to choose one word ?

Ik doe mee / I'm joining ... at Reflection of You

Het sneewt ... koud buiten, warm en gezellig binnen,
fijn weekend,

It's snowing ... cold outside, warm and cosy inside,
nice weekend,


22 opmerkingen:

  1. oh Sylvia...i'm so sorry something bad happened.... 'sigh'......

    i love your word trust.....perfect choice.....

    xo, Kim

  2. Mooi Sylivia...misschien ook wel een boekje voor mij....liefs fijn weekend...xxx..

  3. I think my word must be "listen" it seems I hear SO much when I make the decision to quietly watch and listen rather than bustling about at 100 miles per hour.

    I'm sorry you had bad thoughts come back to haunt you, trusting in a good outcome is always difficult but yet another thing difficult to learn.

    On a lighter brighter note, last week I went and fetched some ex-battery hens. Two for us and two for a friend. Our two, Joan and Edie have settled in well, are laying an egg per day (although they lay under the house, not in it) and insist on sleeping on top of the other two big birds who are utterly disgusted with such disrespectful behaviour!

    have a good weekend

  4. I'm still trying to decide on a word for 2013. Sounds like you found a good one for yourself! Hope you have a good weekend!

  5. De laatste jaren was ik bezig met loslaten, het resultaat daarvan is dat ik vertrouwen kwijt raakte.

    Mijn woord voor 2013 is(opnieuw durven) vertrouwen.

    Ik heb geen boeken van Louise Hay, mijn "bijbels" zijn de boeken van Sarah Ban Breathnach.

    Hou je taai en fijn zondag,

  6. ziet er zeker mooi uit Sylvia,geniet van een zalig weekend.........liefs

  7. Lovely picture. Your 5 words are obviously very carefully chosen and meaningful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I'm sorry that something bad happened, but it seems like a very positive thing that you're ready to move to "trust" as your word for 2013. I haven't thought about having a word, but will probably ponder that over the weekend. Beautiful photo, and thank you for sharing!

  9. The idea of finding a word for the coming year sounds really meaningful - keeping focus on the proces of being and becoming - expecting and seeing... I like the way you wrote about the book, and also how it has helped you go overcome something hurtful, thank you for sharing!

  10. I thinks your five random words are good ones to think about...I still haven't chosen a word for the coming year. It's something I need to consider! Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. It sounds very lovely book. "Trust" is a wonderful word for new year. I wonder what my word would be...gotta think about it! I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  12. Dear Sylvia,

    really nice book...I´m so sorry you had a bad time or bad memories...hope you will find a positive way to live with it , perhaps christmastime will help...

    HAve a nice & cosy weekend all the best,


  13. My word for the coming year will be "hope ". I wish you had a peaceful weekend. Hugs, Catherine

  14. ¸♫°✿✿╮

    Tudo de bom para você: saúde, otimismo e muitas alegrias.
    Bom fim de semana!


  15. I hope all your bad thoughts went away my friend!
    Sending you lots of good thoughts and big hugs!
    xo Catherine

  16. "Trust" sounds like a wonderful word for you for 2013 ... and I trust that it will bring you the strength to keep a positive attitude when you need it.

    Happiest Holidays!

  17. Trust is a great word, it will help you move forward anew, I'm a big fan of Louise L. Hay too :)

  18. Hi Sylvia, im fine , thanks for visit,,,im been busy,,,dont know what to do with blogg, just post now and then.phiuhhhh.
    Hope youre fine. Have a nice week!

  19. Voor mij een woord dat nauw samenhangt met vertrouwen: eerlijkheid. En niet alleen voor 2013, maar voor altijd.

    Hier tegen de kust geen sneeuw...


  20. Sorry something bad happened (I know the feeling too well lately), sending a big hug!
    Trust is a great word for 2013. :)

  21. Sylvia I'm so sorry about the bad memories....I hope things are much better as each day goes by. May you find strength in your reading and her words. Big hugs. Love your 2013 word---Trust. It is so good.