dinsdag 11 maart 2014

From above

Texture Tuesday
... From above

with Kim's texture 'desert'

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Week 11 - Mornings

Genieten van het ontbijt ...
Over het boek 'Wat Katie eet' in Flow

Enjoying breakfast ...
About the book 'What Katie ate' in Flow magazine

Een heldere blauwe lucht
op zondagmorgen,
we hadden een mooie zonnige dag
met zo'n 22° ...

A bright blue sky
on Sunday morning,
we had a lovely sunny day
with 22° C ...

Fijne week,
Have a nice week,

22 opmerkingen:

  1. I can not start my day without breakfast. 22C how wonderful! I am hoping for 12C tomorrow. Our snow is melting fast! Hooray!
    Happy Tuesday Sylvia - enjoy your lovely weather!
    xo Catherine

  2. Good Morning Sylvia, the breakfast looks wonderful, all I have in hand at the moment is my coffee and would love the bread but don't have that in the house will have to settle for cereal this morning. Lovely from above love the setup.

  3. Lovely, we had blue skies too. I love Flow magazine it has so many good things in it...

  4. so pretty and simple!! :)


  5. Your breakfast looks great from above! I am glad you are seeing signs of spring.
    Have a great week!

  6. Good morning Sylvia! Your muffin and coffee look so delicious. Great image with great composition. And isn't it wonderful that things are starting to warm up!

  7. so beautiful sylvia... and delicious too.... love the simplicity... just so right!!


  8. I knew you would have an incredible "from above" photo! Just lovely...

  9. Oh I love the "desert" image! I thought "dessert" at first :-)
    The breakfast and blue sky look wonderful. We had very nice Sunday, too. I hope we will have such days and temperature for a long time before summer!

  10. The uptop image is delightful! So calm, so inviting ... so yummy looking! And the mosaic is a treat, too. I think that's what I like best about your blog, the calm.

  11. So pretty as always. We have blowing dirt here today so it's awful.

  12. So Spring has come !! Here it's not decided yet .. actually it's still quite soon for talking about Spring, but having a walk in the garden and woods... we have no doubt, it seems to be already here !
    I'm too late for breakfast, I hope to arrive in time for wishing you a good evening and week ... one more thing: how much serenity you express my dear !!

  13. sunny days just make all the difference don't they? :) lovely shots my friend.

  14. sunny days just make all the difference don't they? :) lovely shots my friend.

  15. Lovely images - I love your layouts too!

  16. This is so lovely, I wish I could join you. Love the overhead view.

  17. Dat is boffen Sylvia, 22 graden,
    bij ons ook best aangenaam maar dat
    hebben we hier toch niet gehad, jammer genoeg.

    Je foto's zijn zo als altijd weer adembenemend fraai!!!
    Erg mooi het tweeluik.

    Lieve groet,

  18. I just couldn’t seem to get it together to play at Kim’s today so i’m off wandering and visiting those that did! Your above shots are simply beautiful. That magazine looks right up my alley to want to read!

  19. Beautiful edits Sylvia and the croissant looks delicious!

  20. Lekker ontbijtje en zo'n blauwe lucht, heerlijk om te dag te beginnen!

    Groetjes Janny