vrijdag 19 september 2014


Friday Finds ...

Okkernoten rapen voordat de eekhoorns ze vinden ... :-)

Finding walnuts before the squirrels do ... :-)

Be Still 52 - Organisch

Klein nototieboekje uit Flow magazine ...
Uit onze tuin :
okkernoten, druiven, bloemen en herfstblaadjes ...

Be Still 52 - Organic

From Flow Magazine a little notebook ...
From our garden :
walnuts, grapes, flowers and autumn leaves ...

Geniet van het weekend,
Enjoy the weekend,

19 opmerkingen:

  1. I love Flow but it's difficult to find in my part of the UK. We have a little walnut tree but it will be years before we get any nuts..

  2. The second picture is so beautiful, I love how the colors work together and the dark shadows make it really organic .
    Liebe Grüsse Patricia

  3. That composition is gorgeous, Sylvia. :) Poor squirrels left with the walnuts! ;D
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Oh I adore your bucket!! Full of walnuts. Love your organic finds this week...they are just wonderful! Have a nice weekend Sylvia!

  5. Sylvia, I always adore your photos, but the bucket of walnuts is truly special. Another example of how inspiration is just outside the door - waiting! I just bought the new FLOW magazine at our local bookstore yesterday - and I love it! There is a great article on taking picture portraits using the things people love - rather than the person themselves- just as Kim assigned to her students. Another thoughtful post - thank you!

  6. I love picking up walnuts. Although there are not many trees were we live. Lovely finds.

  7. Love your organic image of the walnuts!

  8. Fijn weekend...!..mooiefoto's weer !...geniet liefs Ria...x!

  9. That certainly is a challenge to pick the walnuts before the squirrels do! They are smart little buggers! The photo with the nuts in the bucket is so beautiful!

  10. Such a beautiful blog!

    And I love the name..."Cosiness"... I too love "cozy"... And Autumn seems to beg for cozy. :-)

    Thank you for posting it, in English too... So I can read it.

    Wishing your husband, swift healing.

    Gentle hugs,
    Upper North East of the US

  11. It looks like you beat out the squirrels and got quite a few walnuts. I love how you placed the walnuts and flowers in your still life, beautiful. I just got the Flow magazine and love it. Have a great weekend!

  12. This takes me back to the fuzzy green walnuts I use to be fascinated with on the ground in my grandmothers yard years ago.
    Glad you outran the squirrels for them.

  13. Zo sfeervol deze foto´s Sylvia, PRACHTIG!!! En wat een heerlijkheid
    om walnoten uit eigen tuin te hebben.

    Wens je een heel fijn weekend toe,

    Lieve groet,

  14. These are awesome Sylvia didn't get this weeks lesson done as I was in Virginia visiting family but am anxious to get started with this lesson. You really nailed this one.

  15. Wat een mooi tere foto's Sylvia!

    Groeten Janny

  16. Les noix sont des fruits si beaux ! Ils annoncent l'automne et ses délices ! Très jolie composition Sylvia. Bisous

  17. My dear Sylvia, you have to know that in our estate we've more than twenty old and big walnuts-tree, but we're not their masters ... starting from the late Summer, squirrels and dormice make night concerts on the trees and on the roof till the first light of the dawn ... During the warmest hours of the day we can see a real fair of squirrels scurrying back and forth with at least two walnuts under their 'arms' ... They are the real masters, and the walnuts ... well, we've got to buy them !!!
    Sending much love