zondag 15 mei 2016

A human touch

Be Still One Year - Month 4
Week 4 - On chairs

Month 5 - A human touch

Ik had een assistent ... mijn man :-)
het was zijn idee om een handschoen te dragen ...


I had an assistant ... my husband :-)
wearing a glove was his idea ...

Witte viooltjes in volle bloei ...

Small white pansies bursting into bloom ...

Fijne zondag,
Have a nice Sunday,

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi Sylvia....fijn weekend geniet liefs Ria x

  2. You have such a great assistant :-) Great idea to wear gloves! Your pansies are so lovely, such gorgeous white blossoms. Everything fits in your images so wonderfully!
    Have a great new week, Sylvia xoxo

  3. What a grace and what an elegance you always express in your photographs, my dearest and admired Sylvia, I'm so very grateful to you for this, my sweet friend !

    Hope you enjoyed your Sunday I'm wishing you a most lovely new week ahead, sending hugs and more hugs to you


  4. very beautiful your pictures, as I like it !
    the harmony of colors and your set has scenes amaze me a each visit ! thank !

  5. Dit vind ik nu echt zo leuk Sylvia, een man
    die mee denkt, en inderdaad de handschoenen geven
    iets speciaals, precies de sfeer die bij jou
    stijl van fotograferen past.

    Echt genieten weer deze foto's, en wat zijn ze mooi
    de kleine volop bloeiende viooltjes in de rieten mand.

    Wens jullie nog fijne dagen toe en hopelijk wordt het
    snel weer wat warmer, brrr

    Lieve groet,

  6. How great your husband posed and contributed to the styling with the glove idea. :) I love each shot! The pop of red with your gardening tool is wonderful and I like seeing the size of the flower's container in your from above shot. Your shoes are lovely! :) Have a great week!