woensdag 8 februari 2017

Home Sweet Home

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Home Sweet Home
There's no place like Home
Feeling at home ... feeling relaxed and comfortable ...


Home Sweet Home
Nergens beter dan thuis
Zich thuis voelen ... relaxed en comfortabel ...

Collective 52 Photo Project
Week 6 - Vast
/ Groot, uitgestrekt

Photo from the archives,
I remember it was a windy, cloudy day
and the sun was shining when I saw this lonely house ...
so beautiful !


Foto uit de archieven,
ik herinner me dat het een bewolkte dag was met veel wind
en de zon scheen toen ik dit eenzame huis zag ...
zo mooi !

Fijne week,
Have a nice week,

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Happy week Sylvia! Such a homey space your found...lovely light and soft shadows on the table. I love the vast space as well. I can always dream when I come here to visit. The quietness makes me at peace.

  2. Wat een sfeervolle en rustgevende beelden Sylvia,
    werkelijk prachtig. Erg mooie plantenbak, van metaal
    als ik het goed zie tenminste. Alles past perfect bij elkaar.

    Uitgestrekt is de laatste foto zeker ;-) bijzonder één huis
    in deze ruimte, ook zeer rustgevend om te zien.
    Om te wonen zou het mij iets TE rustig zijn.

    Lieve groet,

  3. What a chram, darling Sylvia, it's expressed both by your so lovely arrangement and the home you've caught in your shot, thank you !

    Wishing you a joyous day, today,
    and wonderful days to come,
    with much thankfulness

    XX Dany

  4. Hi Sylvia. I enjoyed your images as always! The container with HOME is very pretty. Flowers look comfortable in it :-) Colors of flowers and edges of your tea set match very nicely.
    What a delightful view of the huge landscape. The house looks very teeny tiny there. But it must be nice to live somewhere like this and enjoy the view every day :-) Have a wonderful day, Sylvia xoxo

  5. LOVE your hydrangeas-They are beautiful at eery stage. That's a sweet little nook you've got there.

  6. Shibella says Thank You for the birthday wishes. I think that house in the distance would be too lonely for me.

  7. You are right, there is no place like home. :) I love your metal planter, the dried hydrangeas look beautiful in them. It looks like a great spot to sit and have some tea. I wonder who lives in the house? :) Have a great day!

  8. Altijd mooie foto's Sylvia. Het huis zo eenzaam in de verte.

    Fijn weekend,