dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Subtly yours

Ik doe mee met / I'm joining
Kim Klassen's 'Texture Tuesday' :

een boeketje vrouwenmantel en
viooltje 'Molly Sanderson',
Kim's textuur 'subtly yours',
enkele bloemetjes in reliëf
als finishing touch ...
(originele foto hieronder)

a tiny bouquet Lady's Mantle and
Viola 'Molly Sanderson',
Kim's texture 'subtly yours',
some embossed flowers
as finishing touch ...
(original picture below)

30 opmerkingen:

  1. mooi he die vrouwenmantel, heb vanmiddag de takken er al af geknipt, ze buigen helemaal en waren al bijna uitgebloeid, foetsie....

    fijne week
    gr Stina

  2. Wat mooi bewerkt weer je foto Sylvia...bijna een schilderijtje....fijne avond nog....liefs

  3. Nou inderdaad het lijkt wel een schilderijtje...mooi gedaan !!.....liefs Ria....xxx...

  4. Heel mooi die bloempjes, leuk om te fotograferen toch?

    Fijne avond,


  5. Mooi zeg zo'n donker viooltje!
    Prachtig samengesteld zo.

  6. By enlarging the photo, I was able to see more of the detail and it is beautiful. I would love to have that bowl sitting on my dining room table. LOvely capture and processing.

  7. Het is heel mooi geworden Sylvia, en ik keek net ook even op haar site, mensenlief wat een enthousiasme hé. Er doen wel heel veel mensen hieraan mee. Leuk om met die textuur effecten te werken

    Lieve groet, Josephine

  8. Wow, I like your flowers and your pictures.

    greetings from Sylvia

  9. Heel mooi gedaan, sylvia!

    Lieve groetjes Michelle

  10. je foto's zijn prachtig! liefs, @nne

  11. Dear Sylvia,

    this is nice again !!!!I believe you would like the gardenfairy ,too...

    Have a great day,

    best wishes,

  12. A simple bouquet and really lovely with a beautiful realization of Paintshop. I embrace you and tell you very very soon my lovely!

  13. It's extra pretty here today Sylvia! Wishing you happiness for today!
    xo Catherine

  14. Prachtig zeg.....super!
    Is dat nu een zwart viooltje....?
    Fijne middag

  15. Amazing photos and flowers!
    Kisses and nice day.

  16. Wat een allerliefst boeketje is dit,fijne avond,lieve groet Joke.

  17. What a brilliant colour contrast. Violets are some of my absolute favourite flowers. Lovely as always Sylvia.

  18. Beautiful! Love both the original and the textured one!

  19. I had planted years ago of blacks tulips, they are actually very dark brown, but the elegance of the flower you've posted is much higher.

    Have a good weekend, dear Sylvia

  20. Good evening Sylvia!
    Nice photo..love the flower!
    Wish U a Sunny weekend...thnx for comment.

  21. You have an amazing eye for detail. Your picture is subtle and not overdone. You always add just the right touch! So you noticed my teacup? :) Your the only one who did...
    Have a wonderful Saturday,
    Hugs Rosemary X

  22. Hi and thank you so much for your lovely comment:) Makes me happy!
    Your photo looks very nice. Love the black flowers.

    Hugs, Tove

  23. Dear Sylvia,

    Your creations are always full of beauty, and the one you show us today is also very delicate and romantic!! You are a great artist my dear friend, you have something special to add a magic touch to all your photos!!

    Thank you for sharing with us your enchanting flowers and bouquets!!

    Lots of hugs and kisses, liefs!!!

  24. beautiful flowers and pictures, hughs Anja

  25. Een pracht boeketje, Sylvia! Heel bijzonder dat zwart, mooi!!
    Een fijne avond xxxx

  26. Hi! Thanks for passying by me! Such a lovely blog! These flowers are dreamy..I adore these colours!
    Hugs from Rome.

  27. Ja idd van de film pauline en paulette ;-)

    Lieve groet Michelle

  28. Good morning Sylvie,
    thanks for comment to my blog.

    Have looked and read with interest your blog and have seen that also you use texture of Kim! also I use texture for photo my bearses.
    Have not I understood how to do with AdobePhotoShop as you can be realized I break down it misted and the first clear floor, me from the suggestion? only if you want.
    Compliment are very good!

  29. Dear Sylvia, thank you for your message!
    I am very pleased.
    I can not crochet too, but I try.
    I really like it.
    Unfortunately, too much can not stand to sit ...
    I used to always do something in the garden.
    We will be during the week around 28 degrees.
    I also wish you a wonderful week and send Kocourek caress.
    Much greetings from us.
    Goodnight Soňa