zondag 16 oktober 2011

Autumn flowers

Herfst in een openbare tuin,
ik vind de kleurrijke bloemen
tegen de oude stenen muur zo mooi ...

Autumn in a public garden,
I love the colorful flowers
against the old stone wall ...

Deze schoonheid trok meteen mijn aandacht,
dit is Dahlia 'Happy Single Wink' ...

This beautie immediately caught my attention,
this is Dahlia 'Happy Single Wink' ...

Geen Texture Tuesday deze week,
maar ik dacht dat Kim's textuur 'Ugglove'
wel mooi zou zijn ...

No Texture Tuesday this week,
but I thought Kim's texture 'Ugglove'
would be perfect ...

Foto's zijn genomen in de Tuinen van Hoegaarden /
Photos were taken in The Gardens of Hoegaarden.

20 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the rich, vibrant, autumn colours. It has been so warm this month that summer flowers are re blooming in my garden! Have a good week xx

  2. Oh, these pictures are stunning! Autumn flowers showing off and who can blame them?

    Have a beautiful autumnal week.

  3. Mooie foto's Sylvia, leuk dat zomaar tegen dit soort fotomomenten aanloopt. Die kleuren zijn geweldig.

    Fijne week,

  4. Inderdaad zo prachtig !! fijne week liefs van mij...xxx..

  5. Prachtige plaatjes!!

    fijne week
    Lieve groetjes Michelle

  6. Milá Sylvia!
    Nedivím se, že květiny upoutaly pozornost.
    Jsou překrásné...
    Se zídkou moc pěkná zákoutí.
    Krásné říjnové dny,

  7. Zo mooi als een schilderijtje!

    Groetjes Janny

  8. Heerlijk al deze prachtige Dahliasoorten Sylvia, en zo mooi afstekend inderdaad tegen die muur.

    De textuur heb je heel goed gekozen, het geheel is zeer goed geslaagd.

    Geniet van een fijne week, wij hadden vandaag in Nederkand ook fantastisch weer.

    Lieve groet,

  9. beautifully rich colours, such a great show!
    sorry to hear you've had a bad cold- olok after yourself Sylvia
    Have a good week

  10. Dear Sylvia,

    the garden looks soooo nice, yes, the flowers in front of the stonewall are great, remembers me of England...

    Have a nice and sunny week,
    all the best

  11. I absolutely adore walled gardens. It is my dream one day to have one. I really love the txture of the stone and the flowers combined. Beautiful. Em x

  12. Bonjour ma chère Sylvia !
    What a beautiful place with that abundant flowering red variety! I also love the wall behind the old window and put a frame on a table! It's beautiful!
    I embrace you affectionately tr-s and wish you a good week!

  13. It's cold for a few days in Italy, many people like you have a cold, a few days and you will be fit again as before.

    Beautiful flowers fall, but I am personally fascinated by the colors of fall foliage, a true spectacle of nature.

    Hello dear Sylvia and good week to you too

  14. Look at all the beautiful color you still have Sylvia! You are a lucky girl! Very pretty photos ~ they make me happy!!

    xo Catherine

  15. lieve Sylvia, je hebt ons weer "getrakteerd" met schitterende foto's! lieve groet, @nne

  16. Die kleuren zijn echt geweldig mooi. Prachtige tuin zeg. Ik zou willen dat dat mij ook lukte om zo'n mooie kleurencombinatie tegelijk in bloei in mijn borders te krijgen.
    Liefs, Pauline

  17. OH I just love coming over to visit your blog, Sylvia. Your nature walks always make me swoon! :) Just wanted to say hello, and thank you for the kind comment you left over at my blog. I am also grateful for your suggestion to try Google Chrome... it's possible that might work, and I will ask my husband to try that for me...he's my technical guy. hehe.

    Anyway, Your gorgeous photos are prettier then EVER, and I wanted to say I especially love this series of flowers next to the brick wall. OH this is heaven. Here in California with all of our earthquakes no one bothers with a beautiful brick wall anymore (they fall down so easily here). It is a simple pleasure to see them here in your beautiful photos. :)

    Happy autumn !!