zaterdag 25 juni 2016

In full bloom

De pioenrozen die ik kocht in volle bloei,
ik had ze nog nooit zo groot
en de bloemen zijn zo pluizig ...

The peonies I bought in full bloom,
I have never had them so large
and the flowers are so fluffy ...

The Studio

- In Corners
- Celebrate

all edits based on Kim's preset 'serendipitous'

Geniet van het weekend,
Hope you're having a nice weekend,

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful images, Sylvia! Your peonies are really fluffy, and they look so delicate and blossom even more in your images! Love the very gentle color tone. Black and white image is stunning, too!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Sylvia xoxo

  2. Prachtig ,het lijkt me of ze dit jaar groter zijn ...

  3. Prachtig hoor...fijne geniet zondag .....x

  4. Your peonies are gorgeous, terrific, I've never seen so large flowers, they won my heart !

    Hope your week is off to a beautiful start I'm sending love and dear hugs to you, may your days to come be filled with joy, sweetest Sylvia !

    Xx Dany

  5. Ik vind ze schitterend. En mooi gefotografeerd.

  6. Ik vind ze schitterend. En mooi gefotografeerd.

  7. The peonies this year on blogs and on Instagram have been nothing short of glorious!! Such gorgeous images Sylvia.

  8. Lovely! The peonies look wonderful in your cute little bucket. Your post processing really shows the texture of the wall.