donderdag 8 juni 2017

Goodbye sweet Moesj,

Onze lieve viervoeter Moesj is namiddag heengegaan ...

Ze was een wilde kat en kwam bij ons 12 jaar geleden.
Het heeft bijna 2 jaar geduurd voor ik haar kon aanraken.
Enkele weken geleden werd ze ziek ...
vandaag was het me gelukt om haar in het kooitje te krijgen
om naar de dierenarts te gaan ...
haar nieren hebben het begeven, er was niets meer aan te doen ...
Het is zo moeilijk om afscheid te nemen ... het doet zoveel pijn ...

Dag lieve Moesj,
bedankt om ons te kiezen ...


Our sweet furry friend Moesj passed away this afternoon ...

She was a feral cat and came into our lives 12 years ago.
It took me nearly 2 years before I could touch her.
A few weeks ago she got sick ...
today I was able to get her into the carrier and take her to the vet ...
her kidneys were failing, nothing could be done.
It's so hard to say goodbye ... it hurts so much ...

Goodbye sweet Moesj,
thanks for choosing us ...

Eddy en Sylvia

13 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm so sad for your loss, darling Sylvia, our fur babies become part of our families and when it's time for them to say goodbye, they leave such an emptiness into our hearts ... it's not easy to stand such a grief, at least at first, the flowing of the time will help you remembering the most beautiful times you spent together ...

    I hug you with so much love, dearest friend

    XO Dany

  2. Dear Sylvia, I am so sad to read about your sweet Moesj. Being a feral cat years ago makes me realize what a lucky one she was to have found you and to be loved by you. I hope the wonderful memories you have of sharing your life with her will help to heal your broken heart. Sending a hug from Canada. Deb

  3. I'm so sorry, Sylvia! I'm feeling with you!

  4. So sorry to read about the passing of Moesj and I know she will be sadly missed. But what a lucky cat she was to enjoy for so many years the good life you gave her. Hugs from Sylvia and Shibella

  5. Achhhh wat sneu.....heel veel sterkte...vreselijk haar te moeten missen liefs ria x ❤️

  6. Oh Sylvia, I'm so sorry.. My heart breaks to read about your sweet Moesj. I always loved seeing her precious face whenever you posted her picture. I'm grateful she found you 12 years ago. She had a wonderful life being loved and cherished. Please know my thoughts are with you. Sending warm hugs. Tamago

  7. Oh Sylvia, these times are so sad, and my heart is aching for you and and your husband. It's such a difficult time, missing something as sweet as a kitty who chose you to live with. I've always loved and enjoyed the pictures your shared the past several years. I love the color of her fur. May all your loving memories carry you through the transition. Big hugs!
    Beverly xx

  8. Och Sylvia, wat een verdrietig bericht, ben net terug van
    een weekje Limburg dus lees het net pas.

    Het is zeker heel moeilijk om lieve Moesj te moeten
    missen, Moesj heeft een goede keus gemaakt om bij jullie
    te willen wonen, ongetwijfeld heeft hij een prachtig
    leven gehad bij jullie.

    Heel veel sterkte gewenst om het een plekje te geven.....

    Lieve groet,

  9. Dear Sylvia,
    i am very sad to read about your old friend. I know how you feel, your cat will be always in your heart , she will feel it.
    Hugs from germany,
    maybe you remember Ulli from the blog :dancing muffin,thats me ,i have a new Blog.

  10. Ach wat jammer nu. Ja je was zo gek op hem.Zo triest vind ik altijd, dat onze dieren niet zo lang leven als wij.Leuke foto van haar.
    Groeten Janny

  11. Zo spijtig te horen wat een mooie kat ,ze vond bij jullie gelukkige dagen ,trek je daar aan op ,sterkte

  12. Dankjewel voor je troostende woorden
    met het verlies van mijn lieve Moesj ...
    ik waardeer het enorm !


    Thanks so much for your kind words
    about the loss of my sweet Moesj ...
    I really appreciate it !

  13. Ohhh....I'm so sorry Sylvia. It hurts to the core when these fur babies come into our lives and then have to leave. She's a sweet looking thing. I've always heard cats find you not the other way around. We have something in common. I too have a feral cat that took months for her to trust us to be near her. I'm asthmatic and I went through lots of puffs with my inhaler to build up a tolerance to her. She comes in to eat, lets us love on her, takes a nap on the dining room chair....then goes out for the day, only to come in and eat and leave again. She leaves at night and I always hope to see her in the morning so we can do her routine all over again. My problem is we're leaving CA in about a year and I want to take her with us...but she won't know her new place and if she runs away, I'll be devastated. It's something that weighs very heavy on my mind.